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Dollemizer875, (For Antminer S9, S9i, T9)

With this Upgrade, you will experience a new interface to adjust your Antminer settings, get more hash rate and make it run more efficiently.
This has been tested on various S9, S9i, and T9 miners. We are proud to say that this software runs very stable and is the Fastest custom firmware out there at this point. (keep in mind that high settings might need a bigger PSU or 2 PSU’s)

Downloads: (pick the version close to your region)

How to upgrade your Antminer

  •  Download Basic875 (Take the version closest to your region for less rejected shares and the overall best experience)
  •  Go to your Antminer interface (IP-address of your Antminer)
  •  Navigate to “System” -> “Upgrade” page  https://ibb.co/ensOZy]Upgrade Page
  •  Click on Choose file at “Flash new firmware image” https://ibb.co/cjBHuy
  •  Select the firmware “Basic875(your version)” you just downloaded. https://ibb.co/eBZsSJ
  •  Click “Flash image”
  •  Click “Yes” in the popup
  •  Wait 1-5 minutes for the firmware upgrade (Check the % in the bottom left corner)
  •  IMPORTANT DO NOT: Do not power off the miner or unplug the ethernet cable during the firmware upgrade.

If you face any issue’s don’t hesitate to contact us or join our slack channel: Join Dollemizer Slack Channel

Make sure u know what you’re doing. This software will allow you to make huge changes to your machine which if not used correctly might bring damage to it. We take no responsibility or liability for any damages including. This software comes with a small build in fee of 1,9%.
(it will mine at the start of the machine at Dollemizer pool for 4 minutes and every 200 mins again 4 minutes, which is calculated as a 1,9% Dev fee)

We thank you for supporting our quest for better mining capabilities for everyone!
The Dolleteam! 

Guntis V from Mineshop is reviewing our product and explains it in detail: